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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A picture of my last few days:

Worked at the hospital and had a crazy-busy day, which included three traumas. Then I played tennis with Colander and, although I lost (as per usual), I played fairly well. I think I could have played even better if I wasn't so tired from the workday.

Worked at the hospital and had a less than moderately-busy day. Then I went over to Gavin's and lay down for awhile (I was super tired on Friday...perhaps my lack of iron?) while he made very good oatmeal raisin & craisin cookies. Then we went over and had dinner and watched a movie at Sandy's house.

By the way, although Gavin is not great at responding to his comments, he would love comments on his most recent post. No pressure.

Gavin and I went to the Pavilion of Wings at the Natural History Museum at USC. It's similar to an exhibition I went to at the Natural History Museum in NYC, although that one was a little better. Gavin took some pictures, but I think this one is the coolest. Then we went to Costco for lunch and some shopping to stock Gavin's kitchen. How he manages to be a single man yet shop at Costco is still a bit mystifying to me.

Saturday late afternoon I went to an old co-worker's birthday party, but only managed to be there for about an hour and a half (right before they started to serve dinner) before I was called in by the hospital. I signed up for an on-call shift (which are not fun, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do) and there was a bad trauma that came in and so they needed me for the family. So I did that for awhile and then had a few hours free before being paged into the other hospital for a cardiac arrest.

Today I went to church, then have been hanging out with Joey, Carrie and Nathaniel (a rare sighting, since he's home for the weekend from UCLA). Part of our hanging out included going to some open houses around Burbank, since Joey and Carrie are in the market for a new house. I have always loved going to open houses because I love seeing how people live and situate their space. One of the houses we went in today had these bizarre kitchen cabinets. I should have taken a picture with my camera phone. Actually! I would read a blog where someone went to open houses and posted pictures of weird or bizarre things encountered. So, those of you looking for houses, get on it. Maybe it could be one of those group blogs.

No big plans for the Memorial Day weekend. I'll be working at the hospital tomorrow morning, then have the afternoon free. Might go on a hike.

- Jenny, 5/25/2008 05:28:00 PM

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