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Monday, May 05, 2008

I am fairly tired. Which is just sad because I haven't done much to deserve to be tired today. Woke up late at around 9:00a, then watched LOST, then took the subway into downtown to have lunch with Gavin, then came home and went through some email/blogs/news and rested a bit before heading out to a softball practice that didn't cause me to exert much. I better finish this blog entry quick so that I can get some sleep so that I'll be OK in the morning when I play tennis with the senior citizens.

So I've been reading the news fairly regularly lately and I've been disturbed with a number of news stories:

I really can't get my brain around the one in Austria where the man imprisoned his daughter for 24 years, had sex with her and fathered 7 children. Wikipedia gives a good synopsis of the whole ordeal. Beyond just how sick and twisted it all is, I am having a hard time understanding how it is that the police can't be in the dungeon for more than an hour, due to the lack of oxygen, yet the daughter and her children were living down there for 24 years. How is that even possible?

I also am really amazed that the death toll from the cyclone in Burma/Myanmar went from being about 350 to 15,000, all in the matter of a day.

I also was thinking about the food riots and killings in Somalia, wondering if I was over there, what I would do. The article says that more than 1/4 of Somalians need food aid, an increase of 40% since January.

And, of course, reading this article made me a little afraid for Gavin since he works in the Federal Building, but...he'll probably be ok. Today, though, I went to his building to meet him for lunch (and to see his office! exciting!) and in order to get into the building you have to go through a metal detector. He had told me it was questionable about whether or not I'd be allowed in with my camera phone. My camera phone and I must have looked particularly benign to the security officer since the person right before me was trying to smuggle in several types of X-acto knives and box cutters. No joke. The security officer was asking the man why he was carrying these things in and the man just kept on saying "trabajo" (work), which makes me wonder what type of work the guy does...

- Jenny, 5/05/2008 10:15:00 PM

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