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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

For someone who is unemployed, I sure am busy. Sometimes so busy that it comes to be the end of my day and I think to myself, "I cannot possibly have enough time to blog." Indeed, I am thinking that tonight, but since I really didn't blog yesterday (except with the great news of finishing the Color book), that I ought to apply myself. So I will give you some highlights:

a.) John entered Kendra's photo in a caption contest! I think it's so cool. I forwarded the information along to Gavin & Kendra. I haven't heard from Kendra, but Gavin thought it was a cool idea. If you think it's a cool idea, too, go and participate! [LOL! John's caption for the 6th of May is HILARIOUS!]

b.) I still haven't done any pose from that Yoga article about how to help painful backs. But every time my back is in pain, I sure do think about how I should get to it.

c.) Today I was asked to do another guest preaching gig at the end of June!

d.) I watched Mystic River today with Jenn. The movie is only 2:35 hours long, but I swear it must have taken us 4 hours to complete. It's a really good movie (as can be surmised by all of the awards it received) but is super complicated and has all sorts of possibilities up in the air. I was telling Jenn that I'm glad it was a movie I didn't see in the theatre not because it wouldn't have been worth it, but because it was helpful to stop the movie and talk about all of the ins and outs. The movie, if you haven't seen it, is a sort of murder mystery. You would not understand that from the title at all--I'm not exactly sure, even, why they named it that. There's this part at the end where I think that maybe when they're talking about a certain river (named Mystic, but it doesn't figure much in the story) that they could be talking of baptism, atonement and redemption, but...then again, maybe not. It's a good movie. If you haven't seen it, consider it. I just have seen on Wikipedia that it's also a book. Perhaps I'll add it on my Goodreads queue so that I'll remember to read it someday!

e.) My inbox is spiraling out of control. I was keeping it at a (somewhat) clean 20 messages but now I'm one shy of 40!

- Jenny, 5/14/2008 10:58:00 PM

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