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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

For someone who doesn't do much, I seem to have a difficult time posting. Not entirely sure why about that.

Last night I did another late night hospital shift. I was much more active for most of the night than the same shift I did the previous week, which was kinda nice...helps the time to pass a lot quicker. However, having only worked half of the shift (the full shift is 8p-6a), I can fully say that it is not for me. Big kudos to the regular chaplain for being able to do that. On the plus side, it has helped me to get a very good sleep the two nights that I did it.

Then today I worked a 4-hour shift at the other hospital (I work at two sister hospitals) because both spiritual care departments were getting together to say goodbye to one of the spiritual care managers who's retiring. So I had the entire hospital to myself for most of the shift. Normally this hospital is not as active as my regular hospital, but today I had all sorts of activities, from helping out with an Advance Directive, to responding to a code, to taking around some oil and doing blessings of hands in honor of nurses' week. Kept me quite busy, which is nice.

I realized today at lunch that I am nearly finished with my Color: A Natural History of the Palette book (I was spurred to read it, having seen the cover in the gift shop of the Met). I feel like I've been reading this book for forever. It's more like a year, which is forever for me, but I read it in bits and pieces which makes an already long-ish book that much longer. I may devote myself to finishing it in the next few days just so I can cross it off of my list.

- Jenny, 5/07/2008 04:23:00 PM

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