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Friday, May 02, 2008

Confession: The bluetooth headset thingamajig for my new phone is entirely too difficult for me to operate. I just started using it yesterday (perhaps it was wrong to try to learn how to use it while on the road) and I cannot figure it out. Sometimes I find myself trying to talk in my phone and it's picking up the headset. Sometimes I'm trying to intentionally make a call on my headset and the call won't transfer from my phone. Frustrating. And it makes me feel old and out of touch with technology.

I discovered this yesterday while on my grand tour of Los Angeles. Yesterday was the busiest of busy days for me. All told, I drove over 120 miles. I played two sets of tennis in the morning, then met up with Bill in Huntington Beach, then met up with Mary in Pasadena, then drove to Jenn's mom's house in Burbank to drop something off for her, then stopped at home for 5 minutes before I had to go to a softball manager's meeting in Burbank, then I stopped back home for maybe 15 minutes, then I finished my night by working from 8p to midnight at the two hospitals I work for, splitting the time between them. Needless to say, coming home to go to sleep was a big relief. I was a bit nervous that I'd be paged to go back in the hospital (I was on-call from midnight until 6 a.m.), but not enough to wake up mid-way through the night and check my pager, like I normally do when I've been on-call. I was out. Thankfully, instead of being called in, I was just being paid to sleep.

Joey recently got the new Grand Theft Auto, based in NYC. I have paid the barest attention to him playing it. But when he has, it has made me want to play it, not because I want to be a vandal in the streets of NYC, but because I want to take a cruise around NYC (and even part of NJ!) to visit things I remember from living over there.

OK, best be moving along. Tonight I'm going out for Korean BBQ for the first time to say goodbye to my friend Marian who's moving down to San Diego. Hey, Danny, do you know if your company needs anyone in the IT department?

- Jenny, 5/02/2008 04:02:00 PM

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