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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Church Basement RoadshowAmy has been blogging recently about this event her church is putting on. It's called the Church Basement Roadshow and they'll be hosting it on the 14th of June. Basically, there is this movement in the worldwide church of this idea of being "emergent," which questions the way church has been done over the centuries and examines what church could and should be to us now in the 21st century. It is a topic that both interests and frustrates me. The people who are coming to speak are three of the top writers/thinkers on the Emergent Church movement. I'll be going (I actually turned down a hospital shift because I knew I wanted to go to this instead) and think you should, too, if you're interested in questioning how and why things are done in the church or if you want to see an alternative vision of the church. If you're not in the SoCal area, you can check out their other tour dates in cities across the nation.

I am SO behind on various things I need to get to/emails I need to respond to/etc.. It's frustrating. I just need more time! I'm trying to apply myself tonight to answering various emails and doing various extracurricular work/volunteering/cleaning (like putting new sheets on my bed, which I've wanted to do for over a week now). Update: What did I do tonight? Not as much work as I intended because I ended up playing tennis as the 4th in my dad's tennis match. Fun times, but I still have 33 messages in my inbox (although I will pat myself on the back, since it was 42 earlier today). If anyone figures out how to extend the day, let me know.

Sometimes it amazes me that scientists can disagree about the facts of things like climate change/global warming, as well as probably countless topics. I guess I feel that if they can disagree, there must be valid points to each side. What makes me wonder, though, is how facts can contradict each other.

- Jenny, 5/27/2008 07:08:00 PM

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