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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well, I have approximately 25 more minutes to go before I am released from work. Because I am hardly working at all at the hospital this April and because I like to pay my bills regularly, I agreed to work a Sunday shift. I have never worked a Sunday shift before and was surprised to find out that it keeps you fairly least, for the first half of the day.

Day 7: CompleteI'm a bit behind, but here's the completed tulip from the one I started the other day. All in all, I'm fairly behind on this whole a painting a day in April thing. I wish I were better at keeping up and being regular with it. I've decided that I'll continue on with it, but not be so worried if I don't have all 30 paintings by the end of April. Instead, I'll just keep painting until I finish. Maybe I can change it to "paint a picture every day that I am unemployed." It doesn't quite have the ring of "paint a picture every day in April," but maybe I can play around with it. Also, I have been considering setting up a shop on Etsy, like Tisra does. I guess what stops me is I wonder whether or not I'd actually be able to sell things on Etsy, but I suppose I won't know if I don't try. I mean, do people actually go on Etsy to buy stuff? Or, are the people who are buying stuff on Etsy going there because they already know they want to buy the item from that particular vendor? I just don't know.

Yesterday I had a very, very full day. Gavin & I went to Descanso Gardens so that he could take pictures of the tulips. Then we hung out with Joey & Carrie and played Rock Band and then went shopping at Costco. For dinner we made grilled cheese sandwiches on rosemary bread, which I just think is the most delicious thing EVER.

Wow, almost time to go home. The plan is to go home, change, and then watch my softball team play in their game today. I can't play today because I'm working until 6p and the game starts at 6p. Oh well - I'm sure they'll do fine!

- Jenny, 4/13/2008 03:40:00 PM

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