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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Traditionally speaking, I am a Ralphs shopper, unless I am anywhere close to a Wegmans, which is my first tier grocery shopping loyalty. Seeing, however, that the westernmost Wegmans is in Pennsylvania, I have to make do with what's around me.

Although I am usually a Ralphs shopper, I have, of late, had the occasion to make periodic visits to a Vons and Pavilions supermarket. (Note: for those outside of California, Pavilions & Vons are both owned by Safeway.) Besides having several Vons here in Burbank, there is a Pavilions (complete with self-checkout, a feature I love), which I stop in to occasionally if I am picking up an item or two before meeting a friend for lunch. Gavin shops at a Vons about a mile away from his house, so I occasionally will go with him to the store if we need to pick up something we're making.

In these outings I have noticed something: as long as you use your Vons card, the checkers ALWAYS say, "Thank you, Miss Smith. You saved $2.00." At first I didn't really notice it but now I count on it and I love it when I am greeted by name. I love it so much that I have contemplated switching supermarkets, even though I like the checkers at my Ralphs just fine.

Something about my Ralphs, however, is that they're totally remodeling the store. Although I was fine with how the store looked before, I think it'll look much nicer once they complete the redo. The new floors and the lighting in the produce section are both very sexy. However, the part that's a bit frustrating is that they're not only redoing the look, but they're totally reorganizing how the store is laid out. So unless I want to find the milk, the produce, the bakery or the meat (these are all staying put), I have to scour the store to figure out their new organizational system in order to find what I need. Joey and I went in this morning to look for dried fruit and we ended up walking around the entire store and (eventually) found dried fruit in three different places, on three opposite sides of the store. Highly annoying.

- Jenny, 4/29/2008 02:12:00 PM

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