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Monday, April 14, 2008

Today I was reminded as I was shipping back the movie, that I meant to post about a documentary I recently watched, God Grew Tired of Us (you can watch the trailer here). The documentary is about the lost boys of the Sudan, boys aged 5-15 who walked out of the Sudan to Ethiopia & Kenya to avoid the persecution. The film explores what it was like for them to leave their homeland, how they develop a new family to be in place of their biological family (who they had to leave behind) and follows some as they are granted political refugee visas to the United States and shows their adjustment to living in a wholly other cultural context. Being someone who is really interested in culture and what happens when people from one culture encounter a different culture, I found the movie to be really quite interesting, as well as humorous when the boys learn about their new apartment in America and what it means to be an American. Anyway, I totally recommend it.

Oh and this reminds me that the other day when I was on Amazon, I discovered that one of my more favorite authors, Jhumpa Lahiri, has come out with a new book called Unaccustomed Earth! I loved Interpreter of Maladies and The Namesake (although I did not enjoy the dreadful movie) and have, for a couple of years, been stalking her on the internet to see when she'd put out a new book. I found a couple of short stories to help sustain me while she's been in-between books. I just love her stories and seeing the clash of Indian vs. American culture and how culture changes generationally. Not sure when I'll read her new book (I'll have to find it's probably wishful thinking that the BPL has it), but I already can't wait.

Anyway, so this weekend I got a little sad because it has seemed of late that I can't do anything right. I started feeling a little better about it but then found yet another thing to add to the list today: I can't seem to donate blood anymore. I used to LOVE to donate blood (AND I like to go to the dentist AND I like to get my blood pressure checked - I know, I'm peculiar) and did so very regularly about five years ago for at least a couple of years. But one day my iron was normal but slightly too low to donate blood, then I went away to Princeton and tried a couple of times there (with the dreaded American Red Cross), but the end result every single time is that I usually have about 33-35% iron in my blood and to give you need to have 38%.

Well I tried giving a few weeks ago and was denied and so I've been trying to be conscious about eating more iron in these past couple of weeks with the hope of being able to have enough iron to donate today. I was shocked, then, to find that today I had not more, not the same, but significantly less - 29%, which now qualifies me as being anemic (maybe this explains my insatiable love for ice?). Over the past week or two I have been feeling a Sick, sorta, but more just off. And, I have generally felt fairly tired lately. The tiredness is probably a result of the anemia, but I'm not sure that me feeling "sick" is part of it. So I guess now I have to be very observant of eating enough iron-rich foods and/or consider taking an iron supplement.

I didn't do much today and, consequently, am pretty exhausted right now. I mostly just spent the day with Jenn having lunch and watching a movie (which was a nice change of pace for her, otherwise spending time inside her apartment with her two year-old and infant). I also did one load of laundry (only three more to go!) and looked for jobs to apply to. No painting today (I am a bad, undisciplined girl).

Tomorrow I have a new old thing: substitute teaching. Tyler's sister Tiffany called me to sub for the school she works for, which I did a few times last fall. I generally like doing it (I usually get a few good stories out of it from various conversations with the students) and it's especially helpful to do now that I am working virtually no days at the hospital this month. So, Tiffany, if you're reading this - thank you!

- Jenny, 4/14/2008 09:38:00 PM

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