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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Day 6: IncompleteSo I didn't get much done today at all. I'm not really sure where the time went, to be honest. So I only really had time to work on one painting, instead of trying to make up lost ground. So the latest painting (which is unfinished) is being commissioned by a family friend, Sue. Sue is a realtor and she usually gives a gift to the person whose house she's sold. In this particular instance, she doesn't know what to give the guy because he's 90-ish and scaling down his possessions. After thinking about it for awhile and talking with my aunt Ellie, she decided that I could paint a picture of the house for the man's daughters. I actually really like painting pictures of houses. After this one, she has a couple of other houses for me to do, which works out great for my painting a day in April thing. I'd work more on the painting tonight, but having good light really helps, so I will wait until tomorrow morning before I go into work.

The big news is that in 378 days, 12 hours, 16 minutes and 7 seconds, Tracey will arrive in California! She called me tonight to commission me to paint something for her mom's birthday, which solves my problem of not knowing what to paint (Gavin also gave me some great suggestions - I love painting flowers!) and her problem of not knowing what to give her mom. Anyway, the reason why Tracey is coming in a little over a year is because Joey & Carrie asked her to officiate at their wedding. So this particular part of Joey & Carrie's wedding is awesome for me.

Kendra, on the attackSpeaking of Gavin, I shake my head at his latest post. This fall, his sister Kendra will be going to school somewhere in Iowa to get her Masters in writing. Gavin has long thought that blogging would suit Kendra and, possibly spurred with the advent of his own blog, she has recently started her own blog where she'll write a book. Only one chapter is up, but I hope she sticks with it because I'm already interested to see where the story will go! Check it out, and then go to Gavin's blog and suggest some titles for her new book. Surely you can do better than Gavin's suggestions. :) The picture to the left is of Kendra when she came out to visit Gavin last month (she currently lives in Chicago). She and Gavin went to the Getty Center and took these hilarious photos. They still make me giggle when I look at them.

I really thought I had something else of significance to say. And yet - it's not coming to me. Um.... I lost in tennis (again) to Colander tonight. Only managed to win one game off of him and it was because he double faulted every serve for that game. I've been feeling like the more I play, the worse I get. How is that even possible?

- Jenny, 4/09/2008 11:24:00 PM

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