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Friday, April 04, 2008

Day 3: CompleteSo, Day 3 of my a painting a day in April is complete. If you look at my notes on the Flickr page, you will read that I have transitioned from cotton-based paper to wood-based paper with this latest painting. This matters a lot when painting, actually, because the paint does something completely different when you lay it down on the paper. Cotton-based paper (which I prefer) soaks it up whereas paint stays on the surface of wood-based paper (which is what the apple is painted on). Anyone else notice that my fruit has been somewhat angular?

My brother has been having some serious trouble with Bank of America lately regarding a check he deposited that they aren't crediting for a mysterious reason. It really, really sucks for him. It also really makes me glad that I don't bank with Bank of America.

I feel like I haven't done much today, which is maybe ok. I mean, I have done a couple of loads of laundry and tidied up the house a little. While cleaning and eating lunch, I have also watched a few episodes of Joan of Arcadia, which I am currently borrowing from the Crippler. Later on today I will go work with one of my clients, helping her to do the PayPal on her website. I think what I like the most about her website is the background I did. I just think it's cute every single time I look at it. Anyway, before I go over to her house tonight, I need to paint a picture for today, I'd like to work on my sermon exegesis that I've begun for a preaching date in late April, and I'd like to go to the mall to see if I can find a decent pair of khaki pants. Oh, yes, and I need to do some graphic design for another site that I manage.

Tomorrow I am going to Ojai for the entire day. I have not figured out yet what I will do about Saturday's painting. Gavin and I will set off in the morning and then spend the day up there with his parents. Then in the late afternoon I will go over to Carrie's sister's house and meet up with her family and my dad and brother for some appetizers and then we'll go out to celebrate Carrie & Joey's engagement. Should be fun, so long as I can figure out what I will wear! My constant anguish!

- Jenny, 4/04/2008 11:11:00 AM

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