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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last week I extended my cell phone contract. I had finished my two year contract with Cingular about a year and a half ago and I've been in limbo about deciding whether to keep my current number or to get a new local number or what. I was thinking about it a lot when I got back last summer, then I started to be ok with how things are, then I started to think about it again because of the upcoming law about not being able to talk on your cell phone while driving. Basically you have to use hands-free technology by sometime this year and my present phone's earpiece is not good (neither party can hear the other). However, my phone is now almost 4 years old and doesn't have bluetooth capability, so I began thinking (yet again) about getting a new contract so that I could get a new phone.

Since, however, I am slower to make purchasing decisions because I like to be certain that what I buy meets my criteria, I didn't do anything until my brother (online shopping guru) alerted me last week that on that particular day if Cingular/AT&T customers extended their (or opened a new) contract, you could get one of any number of cell phones for one penny. That's right, one penny. But wait, the fun does not stop there. On many of these phones there was also a rebate, so I am, in fact, being paid $99.99 (in addition to receiving a brand new $450 phone) to extend my contract. This is a way better deal than what I could ever get in the store. Thank goodness my brother checks his sources for the best online deals daily. This is why we end up having so many Amazon boxes at our house.

Anyway, since Joey buys so frequently on Amazon (every day is Christmas here at the Smith household), he's a member of Amazon Prime, which (to my understanding) charges him a small yearly fee and, in return, he gets 2-day shipping for free whenever he orders something off of Amazon. Additionally, he can name people in his "family" to get the same discount without having to pay the fee! Since my brother is generous, he added me to his list of people, so now I get awesome 2-day shipping for free when I order things off of Amazon. Brilliant!

So you can imagine my extreme disappointment last week when I received my email confirmation that my new phone would, in fact, be shipped at any point between May 15-29. I happened to receive that email on a day when I was thinking that things never happen in my life, further cementing that notion into my brain. The next day I sucked it up and realized that it'd still come in time before the law comes into force so all was good. Fortunately for me, however, Amazon was WAY wrong on their shipping estimate. Although it took longer than two days to get here (I placed my order 6 days ago), I received my phone today. It is my first ever phone that has a camera in it (quite old news at this point), so the next time you see me you may have to endure me taking your picture and attaching it to my entry for you in my address book. Look out - Jenny is stepping into the 90s.

The moral of today's story, of course, is to wait off on purchasing your bigger purchases and contact my brother, who will be your personal shopping assistant who will notify you precisely when the oven is hot!

- Jenny, 4/30/2008 10:45:00 PM

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