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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Although I only won two games to Colander's 18 games tonight in tennis, I am stoked because I feel like this is the best I've played in MONTHS. I have been SO frustrated every week for at least the last two months because it seemed like all I've done is gotten worse with this regularity of playing, which doesn't make sense at all. But it was precisely what was happening. I don't know what made today different. I didn't go in psyching myself up or anything. In fact, if I had to characterize what was different about today, I would say that I played a bit slower. I took more time in between serves. I also waited for a good toss and really concentrated on my plan as well as how I was hitting the balls. So, although it is not reflective in the score, I played well tonight.

I ended up not uploading those paintings to Flickr mostly because I was lazy. As I told Tyler tonight, even though I don't have much to do in a given day, my time fills up. Today I went over and helped Jenn to put together some handmade baby shower invitations, which was quite fun. Then I went and spent some time with a friend of mine named Mary, who graduated from Fuller last year and is in the same boat as me. We talk for awhile about our frustrations and then we pray together. This is only our second week doing it, but it is fantastic. I am thankful for her. Then I came home and made progress on finishing my exegesis for my sermon a week and a half from now. Then I was going to watch Juno but then realized that I was late to meet up with Tyler, my dad and my uncle and our two family friends, Pat & Dan. Then I played tennis. And so now you can see how the day gets away from me.

I remembered, however, that I did want to bring up an odd occurrence. Recently, in the past month or two, somehow I have started receiving this magazine called Bicycling. When the first issue arrived with my name and address printed on it, I thought to myself, "Surely, this must be a mistake. I haven't bicycled in over 10 years." When the second issue arrived with my name and address on it, I thought to myself, "Huh, this is I have two of them." When the third issue arrived last week with my name and address on it, I thought to myself, "I wonder what's wrong here. Someone must have signed me up to receive this!"

I briefly considered that receiving Bicycling Magazine might be a divine clue as to what I should be doing. I've recently been watching Joan of Arcadia a lot, since the Crippler loaned them to me, assuring me that I'd like them. I gave them a shot, even though the Crippler likes The Monster Squad (which I think is horrendous), and have really liked the show. The basic premise of Joan of Arcadia is that God manifests godself through random people who come into contact with Joan and, through them, God gives Joan a specific mission, like asking a certain boy to the school dance, or having a party, or babysitting for this single mom, or any other number of various simple scenarios. Usually, even though it's a simple request, there are complications about why Joan does not want to do it or whatever. It's a good and interesting show that, although it shows Joan having simple interactions with God, it is not in itself simplistic, which I think is important when dealing with matters of faith.

But I digress. Because I've been watching this show, my thoughts went to, "Wow, so maybe God is telling me I need to take up bicycling and so it is God who has subscribed me to this magazine." Then, this week I was out on a walk with Gavin and we walked by not one, but two bicycle shops in the self-designated bicycle district of Los Angeles, which is around the corner from Gavin's. A sign! But somehow I know that this is not the case and that somehow it's some strange error why I've been receiving this magazine. Maybe the mysterious toothbrush sender has moved on to subscribing me to magazines...

- Jenny, 4/17/2008 11:03:00 PM

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