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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Since I have not posted since last Wednesday, I thought that I should drop everything and post before I go to bed tonight. I would not like to upset my public.

First of all, I must proclaim the good news: We (The Team!!!) won our very first softball game today! It only took us about 8 weeks to do it. Final score: The Team, 10. Scared Hitless, 5. But the good news does not stop there! I also hit a double, which is so incredibly rare for me. If only I could remember all of the times that I hit one, you'd still probably only be able to count them on one hand. Think the sweetest part of this victory, however, is really that we were able to give a big gift to our fans. There are a number of very faithful people who come out to watch us every week even though we lose every week and, sometimes, lose by very big margins (like 30). They come out to see our team play because we have heart, so I'm sure watching today's game felt a little bit like they were watching a movie. A down-and-out team, struggling against all odds, finally overcomes their differences and pulls together when it all counts. I love movies like that.

Secondly, yesterday (Saturday) I went to a wedding in Malibu at the Calamigos Ranch. Pictures are here. It was a beautiful wedding, albeit on a chilly day. I was all prepared to wear a teal skirt with a white blouse but, in the end, I decided that the outfit just would not keep me warm enough when the predicted high would be 58F. I had to scramble at the last minute to find something acceptable. Which reminds me that one of my least favorite things to do is figure out what sort of outfit is appropriate for whatever situation/event I'm attending. Figuring out stuff like that stresses me out. In fact, I'm attending a night wedding this June and I have already started thinking about what will be appropriate to wear then. Anyway, Tracey, who is from Northern Ireland, thinks that everyone in California wears flip-flops to weddings. My goal was to take pictures of everyone wearing flip-flops there, but I only noticed two people. My friend Amberle, who changed into flip-flops for the reception (comfort reasons, naturally) and the bride herself (although I forgot to take a picture of that), but you wouldn't be able to tell because her dress blocked it all out.

This week I went over to Gavin's...much like every other week since we've been together. We were talking about something (I forget what now) and we started talking of blogs and I mentioned that I had a blog. Naturally, I imagined that Gavin googled me and already figured this out. I, afterall, didn't hesitate to google him once I learned his last name. I didn't find much of anything until just now, when I tried again & found that he has a Facebook page (let's see if he'll add me as a friend!). Much to my surprise (and delight), however, he didn't think to google me because he figured I'd be too hard to find online. This is exactly what I count on with employers. Anyway, it turns out that Gavin was so intrigued that I had a blog that the next time I saw him (a day later?), he had decided that he, too, needed a public and was in the midst of setting his new blog up. He got stuck, though, on figuring out what to call his blog, so it's not quite finished, although today we were talking on the phone and he told me that he decided to spend today going out and taking pictures for content for his first post. This enthusiasm I just think is so cute. So for the majority of you who have not met Gavin, when I get word of his his new blog, I will post it here for you so that you, too, can be his virtual friend.

Today when I was walking back to my car after church, I noticed that I was parked next to a truck with a camper shell on it. What did the camper shell say? Gentleman Inn. Classy. Although now, upon further inspection, it looks like it says Gentleman Jim. Totally different, although I wonder if Jim uses his camper shell as a Gentleman Inn...

Well, I could say more, but I'm tired and I have the whole week to post regularly since I'm not working this week. We'll call it my spring break. What are my plans for tomorrow, first day of spring break? A familiar tale on this blog: I must clean the house or else I will go crazy. I also have a softball game and I am hoping that maybe this ability to hit a double might get a second go-round!

- Jenny, 3/30/2008 10:08:00 PM

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