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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sigh. Well, I have spent the past few hours trying to figure out RSS feeds and how to embed blog content into a webpage and, whereas I feel like I'm closer, I still feel ages away from where I want to be.

I'm redesigning my church's website (to look like this) and the problem in the past/present is that other people who are not...savvy with making sure things look good and consistent (eg, all you have to do is look at our current website) end up wreaking havoc on the overall design. My idea is to curb this as much as possible by making it as simple as possible for them to do things while not messing up the page. So my thought is that I can set up a blog so that news items can easily be added by anyone, yet controlled by the overall look of the site. Brilliant, except it's not displaying on the page like I want it to because I can't figure out FeedBurner's help page about how to adjust the CSS Style.

However, I'm glad that I at least got to this point. A number of searches early on seemed to point me to the answer that other people were wanting to do the same thing, but that it was either impossible or possible but the people with the know-how didn't seem to be putting the answer on any of the bulletin boards. I'm exhausted just remembering it all.

Aha! With the help of my friend Ryan Bacon, I'm slowly getting closer to the goal.

Anyway, just because I've spent the last few hours of my life trying to figure this out doesn't mean that you should, too. So, in other news:

a.) I might have a cold or I might have allergies. At first I was leaning toward allergies, but today I am leaning toward cold. My throat is constantly sore and I have a stuffy nose and have been sneezing a little.

b.) I initially was a little disappointed with the first couple of episodes of LOST Season 4, but the last four or so episodes have been spectacular, ending with this last one before the season starts up again in late April. I'd speculate about what I think is happening or about to happen but, honestly, I have no idea and am enjoying what is coming next.

c.) Just tonight I (finally) finished the last episode of Season 1 of Heroes. Um, Sylar's dead? Can that be true?

d.) Day off tomorrow (Thursday). Plan on cleaning this house (it needs it STAT), researching this organization, working more on the church website. Maybe I'll even be a good girl and resume reading my CSS book. I also will play tennis twice.

Oh, which reminds me that I need to go to bed now if I'm going to be able to play tennis tomorrow morning. Oops.

- Jenny, 3/26/2008 10:00:00 PM

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