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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The shout-outs shall not cease! Today's shout-out goes to MLE. MLE (aka "Emily") has been a friend of mine since the seventh grade, which I think was in like 1991 or something, making us friends for a time period 17 years, plus or minus 1 year. That, my friends, is a long time. MLE has long since moved from Olvera Street and SoCal to the Far East of Connecticut, where she lives with four men (well, three of them are boys) and makes a delicious pig's rump...or whatever it was called. :)

Actually, this reminds me. It has recently come up in my conversations with Gavin that I know many, many people and a good number of those people I have known for years and years and years. It is not uncommon for me to have known people for 10+ years and still remain in fairly regular communication. What I wonder is whether or not it's a female trait to know a lot of people, but even more than know, remain in communication with a lot of people and even for long periods of time? The more and more I think about this, particularly as I think about my male friends' friends, I really do think it's a female trait to foster more long-standing relationships than men do. Anyone agree or disagree?

So my current worry that I'm trying not to be worried about is that since returning home from the hospital this evening, I plugged in my computer (because I used up its battery life at the hospital, an easy feat nowadays) and tried to start it up several times and it's not budging. Wait. No worries, I just fixed it by swiveling the power cord around. I am a technological genius!

My allergies press on, undeterred. How they love to rage at the beginning of the seasons. I have a constant headache and sore eyes. Allergies are more of a recent phenomena for me (starting maybe about 4 years ago), so they still confuse me when they start up. I guess I'm just thankful that I haven't had to deal with them my whole life.

Today at the hospital I was charged with a new project: recomposing the record of all of the deaths for 2008. We keep track of this for multiple reasons, including a biannual memorial service. A volunteer had been doing this, but suddenly quit and it turns out that no one is quite sure about what his duties entailed. So I'm putting the pieces together and coming up with a new system. That is mostly all I did today. Thank goodness it's only the first few days of March. I would have hated to do this in September. Anyway, what I've found interesting about it is that there are some names that, when I come across them, I vaguely remember their story, including the one trauma that I worked on that made me so angry - basically, when this guy came in and I had to figure out who I should call, I opened his cell phone and discovered he was cheating on his wife, based on what he named her in his address book and the explicit picture he tagged along with it. Then when I called his wife, it came out that the day of his trauma was the day that she found out about the affair because she found out that she had an STD. That whole case was such a mess. I was glad to have forgotten about it.

Which maybe is a reason why chaplaincy doesn't bother me so much. I have realized that my memory does not record events really well. This makes interviewing quite difficult because interviewers will very frequently say, "Tell me about a time when..." and, for the life of me, I usually cannot remember an event upon cue. Sometimes events will pop into my head randomly but, for the most part, I just don't remember events (and instead am better at remembering numbers or names or things like that). So maybe why I'm not constantly disturbed by the things that I see or experience in the hospital is because it's quite easy for me to forget them and place them into the back of my mind.

Well, I should go and take care of the dog that I'm housesitting for. I'm home because there is no internet at the house and I needed to settle some things before going up there.

On tomorrow's agenda: haircut (!), lunch with friends, tennis with Colander. Stay tuned for more interesting stories about my ho-hum life!

- Jenny, 3/04/2008 08:46:00 PM

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