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Sunday, March 23, 2008

I got home from my Aunt Trisha's about an hour ago. Easter is traditionally held at my Aunt Trisha's house in Laguna Beach, which means that the holiday is celebrated almost always with beautiful, perfect weather and scenics that look much like this. Today was a bit hot for the beach (80-85F) but was a beautiful day.

I decided to come down to Aunt Trisha's early and spend the night. So Saturday afternoon, after I went to Santa Monica to Walk for Water, I stopped briefly at home to gather my things and discovered that Emily, God bless her, sent me a package of Wine Gums that she found in her local market. I ate practically half the package and then drove down to the beach to meet up with my Aunt Trisha and my Aunt Sally, Roger & little girls, who were staying at the vacation house next door to my aunt's house. We made a delicious chicken dinner that my Aunt Sally saw on the show Everyday Italian. The chicken was seasoned with thyme, parsley and fennel seeds, but I can't recall what it was called so as to look up the recipe online. Bummer. Then we sat around and talked while Keana (aged 8.5) kept on saying, "I don't understand why it's so funny when adults laugh."

This morning when I awoke, I got ready to go to Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church for Easter service. It's a bit strange to go to a church that's not yours for an Easter service, but the service at LBPC was quite lovely and sorta reminded me of the style of service (a little more formalized) I experienced at my NJ church, which I miss quite a bit. What was great, though, about the service is that the sermon was fantastic. I was really drawn in by the pastor's statement that we are an Easter people living in a Good Friday world. Indeed. That statement is not unique to this one pastor but that does not decrease the truth embedded within that.

Then I went back to my aunt's, cut up some fruit and relaxed with family in the sun for the remainder of the day. I was a very good girl and I remembered to apply and reapply my sunscreen. Danny, who just turned 30, and I remarked that it's funny how sentiments like this change as you get older and care more about things like the health of your skin (both of us used to be of the opinion that it was best to burn at the beginning of the summer and then tan for the rest of it). I feel like my cheeks might have a slight burn but otherwise did very, very well (and am proud of myself).

So now I am home and catching up on things (since I had no internet connection or cell phone at my aunt's). The best bit was coming home and remembering that Emily had sent me those Wine Gums. It was like my fortune kept multiplying. Good sermon, good time with family, good meals, good weather, good Wine Gums. I should work on some graphic design but I think I'd rather watch the latest LOST episode or maybe a Heroes episode (almost done with season 1!) and then call it a night.

- Jenny, 3/23/2008 07:43:00 PM

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