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Monday, March 17, 2008

I decided to get a new computer. I ordered a clearance Macbook Pro off of the Apple Store this morning and I guess it should be here sometime this week...or, perhaps it'll come early next week. Even though I had a fair amount of trouble with this last Powerbook, I am content to stay with Macs because a.) I like them and, b.) The software I have will only work with Macs. I almost got one of the new generation Macbook Pros, but I ended up deciding that I didn't need 200GB of space, considering my Powerbook had 80GB of space and I only used something like 40-50GB.

In the meantime, my brother has been really diligent to work on options to see if any of my data can be recovered from my old Powerbook. The broken hard drive is currently in our freezer because he says that sometimes that is a technique used to make a hard drive work again (for a very limited amount of time). Sounds crazy to me, but at this point I have not much to lose. I suppose I can recreate most of the data I'll need, other than some music, a few addresses in my Address Book and my upcoming Calendar appointments. Which reminds me - if I somehow don't show up to an engagement you've invited me to, I blame it on not being able to access my iCal because I just have no idea what I was supposed to do this and subsequent weeks.

In other news, I have been sponsoring a child in Thailand through Compassion International since about 2001. Today, while I was on the phone with Tracey, I opened the mail and saw that I received a final letter from that child - apparently she has begun receiving support through another charitable organization. I guess that's a good thing because it then enables another poor child to get help, but it's a little strange to get a letter saying (essentially) that my charitable money was not as good as another's. But whatever. Sponsoring Orrawan opened my eyes to Thailand, so I hope that the next child I sponsor will open my eyes to another area of the world.

Well, best get back to my laundry. I will likely be doing laundry until 2009, since I haven't done it at all in the past 3-5 weeks.

- Jenny, 3/17/2008 01:55:00 PM

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