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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tracey loved her shout-out so much in Wednesday's post that she called me again yesterday with hopes of getting her name into print on today's blog as well. She called me while I was at the hospital and I was able to speak to her for a few moments before going to a terminal extubation.

I was able to tell her my great frustration of yesterday - I found some sort of white spots on the front of my dark brown, pinstriped pants. This was particularly frustrating to me because yesterday I was wearing pants that I almost never wear. But, in the effort to wear something new/switch things up, I put the pants on in the morning and made sure to look in the mirror to see if all looked OK. As a side note, it is extremely rare for me to look in the mirror before setting about my business in the morning, so that was a particular effort yesterday.

So, yesterday morning I got to the hospital, went about some tasks in the Spiritual Care office and then eventually went to the bathroom. When I went into the bathroom and glanced in the mirror I saw two white spots on the front of my pants, one about a half inch in diameter and the other about a quarter inch. So, significantly sized and strategically placed (in my opinion). Well, I quickly grabbed a towel and some water and deftly removed the spots.

Then I returned to the Spiritual Care office and went about some more tasks and did some other things and then eventually returned to the bathroom again. I casually glanced in the mirror as I entered and, what did I see? The white spots had returned! I couldn't believe it! So then I get a towel and soap and cleaned them off again and returned to my tasks at hand.

A little later on, after doing some more work, I returned to the bathroom and saw the white spots had returned, yet again. At this point, I was so frustrated that they kept returning that I deemed the spots had won and that there was nothing I could do, other than go about my day and change clothes once I got home.

So, if you were Tracey and you had called me yesterday afternoon, then you would have heard the very same story. Thankfully, though, it was Tracey because I loved to hear her laugh at how frustrating it was to me.

- Jenny, 2/28/2008 01:34:00 PM

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