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Monday, February 18, 2008

There's some big news in my family that's really exciting, but I can't really indicate what it is just yet. So you'll just have to celebrate with me in enigmatic glory.

But I personally have some news of my own. Not regarding a job...that seems like that will never happen. But the news is that I have been dating this guy, Gavin. This probably accounts for the reason why I feel like I've fallen behind on practically everything else in my life. Our dates have been good and fun. Today we spent the afternoon together, first having taken a long walk from his apartment into downtown LA to have lunch at the Grand Central Market. Then we played this Scrabble-like Banana game and I won. It was a fun day.

Then tonight I went out with Dad and Carrie and Joey to a British restaurant. I had shepherd's pie, which was good, but the best thing was that they had HP Sauce, which I have been looking for forever. There's a shop next door that has British paraphernalia in it, including HP Sauce, so now I know. I'm going to have to go scope out the store, though, to see if they also have Wine Gums. If so, I think I will have died and gone to British heaven.

Well, this week I work only two days, which feels SO luxurious. I suppose it'd feel even more luxurious if I had the day off and still got paid. Nonetheless, it will behoove me to do as many shifts as I can as they offer to me in March because it seems that the per diem chaplaincy that I do might be running out. A bit concerning, but I have to remember that it'll all work out. I hope.

- Jenny, 2/18/2008 08:59:00 PM

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