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Friday, February 29, 2008

Somehow this morning I managed to wake up a half hour earlier than I thought. My alarm did not go off but I felt like I had passed my time to sleep and so I checked my clock and, sure enough, I looked at the clock and it was 8:05a, five minutes past my alarm. So, I got up and got ready and then came into the living room and looked at the clock - 7:27a. I really don't think I read the clock incorrectly, but I guess there's no other explanation.

Yesterday at the hospital, I covered maternal child health. It's not really one of my more favorite areas to cover, but I went anyway and went around from new mom to new mom. I went into this one mom's room and had a fantastic conversation with her. She had just had her first baby and was so happy that she was crying and was bubbling over with the opportunity to tell me about all of the great things in her life and her experience giving birth, etc. She also let me hold her baby (the sweetest little baby boy), which was very unexpected, but so neat for me. I don't ask to hold new mom's babies and they certainly don't offer, like this mom did. And she let me hold him for a fairly long time as we chatted. It was just a very nice visit.

Last night I played tennis and did not play very well. Sloppy, actually. The past few matches my serve had been getting better and then all of a sudden last night it was virtually non-existent.

Well, I think I should take advantage of my situation of waking up too early and get some breakfast somewhere. Hopefully today's hospital shift will go by quickly, then tonight I have no plans, which sounds SO wonderful, especially because tomorrow is packed.

- Jenny, 2/29/2008 07:33:00 AM

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