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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So the other day I got this email from the LizardMan:
i do belive you owe me a substantial amount of monies
please confirm yhis
I will be prepared to collect this fee from outside your road on the eve of tommorow at 0800 hours
the end is nigh

Ominous, to say the least. Who this LizardMan is, I'm not sure. I did not send an email confirmation to let him know that I owe him money...mostly because I don't owe the LizardMan or any of his reptilian friends any money. I do think I've managed to escape his grasp, however. The email was sent on February 5th and, from the wacky sentence structure, it would seem that he wanted to pick up what he was owed at 8p on February 5th (because the eve of tomorrow is tonight...get it?).

Again, tonight, I am exhausted. I am not entirely sure why...although tonight it might be because I imposed about a gazillion ashes. Today, as you may or may not be aware, is Ash Wednesday and, as you can imagine, working as a chaplain at a Catholic hospital means that my fingers were smudged black nonstop (and that I still have ashes wedged underneath my fingernails). All day yesterday at the hospital I was finalizing preparations for today...making lists of departments, cards for the chaplains to carry around with what we're supposed to say, etc. Today all of that came to fruition. All of us chaplains (and a few volunteers) gave ashes and it was all that we did all day long because people are constantly coming and going at the hospital. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed giving the ashes (probably more-so than any of our other chaplains), even if one person, after receiving the ashes, said to me, "Thank you, Father" (true story). I think there's just something really special about being involved in a ritualistic experience of the divine. So today was cool.

- Jenny, 2/06/2008 08:55:00 PM

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