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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I went to bed fairly early last night. 10pm, which is early for me. It felt nice, although it did not help me feel more awake this matter what I do, the morning is never pleasant for me.

So yesterday I worked at the hospital and, while I was sitting in the Spiritual Care office, a call came in for the "Baptist Presbyterian Jenny." The call was from my favorite Jewish family who has returned to the hospital. The last time they were there (a few months ago) they asked the priest if they'd be able to have communion (so they could taste and see what it was like), and he gave it to them! As a Protestant, I don't even get Catholic communion. I think the moral of that story is "Ask and you shall receive." So yesterday I spent about an hour and a quarter with them just before I was to leave the hospital. It was good and it was cool that they asked specifically for me (even if they got the Baptist part wrong).

How is it that February is already over? Last night I spoke with Tracey on the phone (she'll love that she got a mention on here...probably the only reason she called!) and she was telling me that she has had constant snow for the last few months. Meanwhile, yesterday when I got to the hospital, I was remarking to myself how beautiful and perfect the day was...sunny, clear, light breeze, comfortable temperature. I was disappointed that my efforts to sit outside at lunch were squashed because other people got the idea first and took up all the spaces.

- Jenny, 2/27/2008 06:50:00 AM

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