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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I have been housesitting today and so I figured the time was right to watch a DVD I had rented via Netflix awhile ago. The movie I watched was a documentary called Unknown White Male. The documentary is based on the true story of a British man living in New York who woke up one day on the subway without knowing where or who he was. He suffered from some sort of very rare amnesia and turned himself into the police, not knowing what to do. The police weren't sure what they should do with him, so they took him to the hospital and eventually he figures out who he is but, even by the end of the movie (which I think was two years later), he cannot remember anything about himself, even after having interacted with family and friends that he's known for years. Whereas the visual part of the movie was not interesting at all and even bordered on a student filmmaker's penchant for being artsy, the audio content of the movie was very interesting, especially in considering existential questions of whether the guy is still the same guy or not. I recommend the movie, but don't expect to be visually enthralled.

I'm housesitting today as a way for the dog, Ollie, to get used to me. It's a one-night gig to prepare for the two week gig occurring in early March. The downside is that there's no internet at this house and my cell phone does not get much service up there. Otherwise, it's in a cool location in the hills of Glendale.

So I think now it's all clear for me to tell the big news: my brother asked Carrie to marry him this past weekend. No plans yet for the wedding, but a cool and important step! You can read all about it and see her beautiful ring on their new blog:

- Jenny, 2/20/2008 09:09:00 PM

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