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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Today was a long and emotionally tiring day. Eating dinner compounded the problem by making me not feel well afterward. So...happy times.

My big news today is that I met a lovely couple at the hospital who were Presbyterian, but not Presbyterian USA, but Welsh Presbyterian! They occasionally go to this church in downtown LA (but mostly go to a PCUSA church closer to where they live in the Valley). This has intrigued me immensely and I think that I would like to go there for worship one Sunday. I can't go this coming Sunday because I have a short presentation to make at my own church, but I hope to go there the following Sunday. They also invited me to go to some music festival that they call St. David's Day (or something like that), which I will try to go to, but that's in late February. I just hope I'll be able to follow what's going on during the service, because if they do it in Welsh, it'll be difficult for me - Welsh is a crazy language!

As I was perusing their website, somehow I found out about lovespoons, which I find to be very, very beautiful. I can't wait to return to the hospital tomorrow to see if this couple has given lovespoons to each other! I suppose since the custom is to receive lovespoons from a suitor, I probably shouldn't order my own lovespoon.

PS: I would like to report that I have managed to maintain my inbox in Gmail to 20 for the past few days. With a little added effort, I may be able to get it down to the low teens and, eventually, to email nirvana.

- Jenny, 1/15/2008 10:19:00 PM

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