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Friday, January 11, 2008

Today I played tennis twice. One in the morning with the seniors and once in the evening with Colander. Both times I blew chunks. Sometimes when I play it seems like I must be picking up a racquet for the first time. At least I managed to win my customary 3 games to Colander's 18.

I also went to Fresh and Easy, but am feeling too tired right now to write up my thoughts.

Also, here's a recap of the funniest thing I said today.* It is still, at midnight, making me chuckle. Ah, if only I could always be so clever and witty:

(Truncated) Email from Vicky:
for new players, $30 for Insomniac Games, and $10 cash for the team's ump fees. Total: $40, and we order a jersey for you.

by the way, someone want to volunteer to get the jersey's ordered for the new players this season and last season? the person in charge of that is a loser and can't get shit done.

Email from Ed:
We haven’t ordered ours yet. :(
Context: Vicky was supposed to order four people's jerseys last season and didn't do it.

Email from Marian:
Hey, we had to wait 4 full seasons before we had Jerseys. Before then we all had to wear our gym clothes .... in the snow, uphill both ways :P

Email from Jenny:
Ed, don't listen to Marian. I only played one season without a jersey. To show my protest that none of us had jerseys at the time, I moved back to New Jersey for an entire 9 months until new jerseys were provided for everyone.

I suggest you do something similar if you want to make yourself heard.

Vlad, the Russian, capped off the email conversation with a great response that still makes me giggle: "Alright, Rosa Parks."

* Yes, it is sad that the funniest thing I said was actually via email.

- Jenny, 1/11/2008 12:06:00 AM

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