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Sunday, January 27, 2008

So, so tired. Consequently, this will be short.

a.) Weather. The rain has interrupted my plans again, but yesterday when I was driving to my aunt's house (about 15 minutes east), I noticed that there is snow in the mountains. It already looks spectacular here after it rains...the snow just enhances it and makes it more lovely. Reminded me of when I drove through Denver this past May/June.

b.) Dreams v. Reality. Today I went to both a bridal shower and a pastoral installation service for our new Associate Pastor at church. The bridal shower was at this house in Sierra Madre that just might be my dream house. These three things made me contemplate the nature of dreams and reality. I found myself thinking today that although I would like to see my dreams realized, the reality in itself can also be a gift. So I will think of it that way.

c.) Gmail Icon. This weekend my Gmail icon on my menu bar that tells me how many new emails I have has ceased to work. The sound works, but it no longer displays the number of new email. Anyone else using a Mac have this problem?

d.) Augie Doggie. My favorite family dog died this past week. I miss him, but I know Aunt Trisha misses him more.

e.) LOST. Four more days until the season premiere of LOST. Who's excited? I am!

Tomorrow and Tuesday are days off for me, but they'll be busy meeting with people and doing a little graphic design work, as well as preparing for other things and cleaning the house. I'm actually really glad I have these two days to work on all this stuff!

- Jenny, 1/27/2008 10:05:00 PM

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