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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Last night I had some pretty bad nightmares...or maybe it was one continuous nightmare. First I dreamt that I was going to be late to my interview. Then I dreamt that for some reason our shower wasn't working, so I had to go to the gym to shower. But then when I went to the gym, for whatever reason, the gym was in the middle of a very bad and seedy part of town. And then the gym was also kind of slimy. And then I dreamt that I exited the gym only to find out that my car was blocked in by other cars, like I had parallel parked and there wasn't an inch to spare on either the front or the rear bumper. And then I dreamt that there was a policeman nearby and I asked him to ask the people to move their cars. But then I dreamt that the policeman was totally unwilling to do it and told me it was a "race issue." Whatever that means. I'd like my subconscious to explain that one. Anyway, from there I dreamt that I was still on that street, trapped, and all of a sudden had chains on my ankles with an ankle brace like I was under house arrest. And then I was trying to run down the street, but then because of the chains I had to hop. Eventually I told myself I should wake up so that I'd stop dreaming this stuff and I did, so then I went back to bed and was finally able to shake it off. But I will just tell you that it was not fun.

Today was long and had some bad points and some good points. Overall, I think I remembered that I am really, really grateful that I know a lot of very good people who are very kind and compassionate to me.

Some day I should take a picture of myself once I have pulled my braids out for the day. I seriously look like Carrot Top (with considerably less eye makeup, of course). Although my hair is considerably less red. Yesterday when I was playing tennis, one of the senior citizens asked me if I changed my color. I had no idea what she was talking if I had put on a different colored top or something in the middle of when we were playing. When she saw my confusion she specified my hair, because apparently it looked red to her in the light. I like my hair color, but one thing that's really irritating to me is that it seems to change color from blonde to red, depending on the day and the light and how I wear my hair, so people think that I dye it, which I don't and haven't. Truth is that I'd be afraid to dye it and not be able to regain my natural color. So if you see me and ask me if I'm dyeing my hair, you will know that you're irritating me.

Um, I'm tired, so that's it for tonight.

- Jenny, 1/30/2008 10:42:00 PM

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