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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm significantly angry right now over needless and ridiculous drama in my life. I already have enough serious drama right now...the last thing I need is needless drama to consume what's left of my energy. So, I'll just tell a little story from today and then call it quits.

Today, when I was sitting in the Spiritual Care office, one of our volunteers came in. She is a devout Catholic and was giving the Eucharist to a patient and apparently that patient spit up a portion of the host. So if you don't believe in Catholic theology of the Eucharist like I don't, it's no big deal. Throw it away. But you see this woman is very devout and believes that it is actually Jesus' body and, therefore, you can't throw it away. So she comes in and tells me that someone (I am not really sure who told her to do this) told her to put it in the plant we have in the Spiritual Care office. But we have two plants in the Spiritual Care office, one that is in dirt and the other that is in water. I suggested that she put the host in the water plant so as to dissolve Jesus. But she was very conflicted, not knowing which plant this person meant, so she decided to bury Jesus in the dirt of the other plant, thinking that if that was the wrong choice, she could always dig him up later. Now Jesus is indefinitely wrapped up in a napkin in the dirt of the plant. I suppose the real test would be to dig up the dirt three days from now and see if he was able to resurrect himself again.

- Jenny, 1/16/2008 09:18:00 PM

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