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Monday, January 07, 2008

I only had to cover two units at the hospital today (sometimes it can be up to as many as 4-6 units when I show up, depending on who's out or needs help) and I managed to see the good majority of people in them by noon. This included having a lovely conversation (no sarcasm intended) with a man who spoke only Spanish (with little bits of broken English thrown in). I, as you probably know, really only speak English (with little bits of broken Spanish thrown in). However, I stuck it out because it appeared that the guy had interest in talking to me and I can understand much more than I can communicate and the conversation ended up being very, very lovely and touching. In many ways, I feel like this man's tiem with me was way more helpful to my life than it could have been to his. So that was a small gift to me this morning.

After finishing those visits so early, I thought the rest of the day would be easy (and boring). Oh, how wrong was I. I was on-call for a good chunk of time and, while I was on-call, we had a very serious trauma come in that consumed the remainder of my day (about 3-4 hours worth of time). There are some patients who stay with you for whatever reason (good experience or bad)--I can remember some from last summer as clear as day--and I think this will be one of them. I can't really say much, other than the fact that at every turn of the story this one surprised me. It's true that working in a hospital desensitizes you because you tend to see the same things over and over and over again so they become routine. You see a dead person here, say a prayer there, etc. Yet although I had seen situations before similar to this case, somehow every little nuance surprised me and, consequently, I have been thinking about this case for the remainder of the day.

Maybe I should journal about it or something. Tomorrow I might talk with some of the other chaplains about it. At the very least, when I came home I went out for a brisk walk just because I needed to do something physical. In this regard, I am super disappointed that softball was cancelled tonight. I think I could have used the diversion in addition to the benefit of hitting a ball.

Anyway, now I'm feeling sleepy, so I'm going to go with that.

- Jenny, 1/07/2008 10:12:00 PM

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