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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I have only a few minutes before the battery life on my computer expires. Because I'm too lazy to get the charger out and because it's already 11:30 and I should be setting my face toward bed*, I will have only a short blog post today, with nothing really important embedded in it.

a.) Today was a long day but I feel good about it. Full day at work followed by a long committee meeting for church and then a long conversation with a couple of friends afterwards. No traumatic episodes I had to deal with today (and I'm feeling resolved with the event that happened on Monday), but I did have an extended visit with this son and his mother (the patient) to walk through an Advance Healthcare Directive. I always roll my eyes at the thought that I am the "professional" that helps the patient through the document because, truth be told, it feels like I don't know much more about Advance Directives than the patient, but maybe I'm selling myself short.

b.) Somehow, the house has managed to stay mostly clean since I did the intensive work to get it clean last week. This, in itself, is a miracle. That, and I am very careful to quickly resolve issues when someone else leaves something lying around. Even though I don't like picking up after people, I'd rather do it in little spurts than in a few days of intensive cleaning.

c.) Tomorrow (Wednesday) is like Friday for me, in that it's the last day I work this week. If that's not beautiful, I don't know what is.

* If you were in seminary or had studied one of the gospels (Luke? Mark?), hopefully you'd get the reference that is supposed to remind you of the theme in that one gospel (which I cannot remember...) where the author repeatedly says "Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem."

- Jenny, 1/08/2008 11:28:00 PM

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