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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I had a pretty good weekend. It helped that we had spectacular weather - 75-80F, clear, sunny, beautiful. I spent a lot of time outdoors. Friday I made lunch for my friend Tiffany and afterward we went to an art gallery to see a local "watercolor" show. It turned out to be a show that only had some watercolors, but it was cool to be out and to drive around and do something different.

Later on that night I went over to my friend Karen's house and we had pizza and watched this movie called Dear Frankie which, actually, I liked quite a bit (notice that one of the "keywords" for the movie on IMDB is "fish and chips" - funny!). I think I rented it on Netflix because I like Emily Mortimer so I rented other stuff she's in, but I just really liked the story and I also really liked that it was set in Scotland. An added plus was that the mysterious stranger in the movie was just really attractive and sexy. I had never heard of him before, but I guess he's out in some stuff right now, including P.S. I Love You. I ended up seeing that movie on Saturday night and my opinion of him went down to just "eh." (He was playing an Irishman in that movie and, clearly, either the Scots are much sexier or he's just sexier as a Scot.)

Saturday I fed the homeless and, since it was such a nice day, I also washed my car myself in the afternoon and then went on a 3-mile walk. Then I saw P.S. I Love You. I went by myself to the theatres mainly because I always have this hesitancy to call people to do stuff. So if no one calls me I either do nothing or will take myself out on my own. I don't know why, but I'm just not one of those people who just calls people either to talk or to do something. There are very few people who I'll just call. Thank goodness other people call me. Otherwise, I'd do nothing.

Today I went to church and then played my first game with THE TEAM!!! THE TEAM!!! is my new softball team on Sundays. You blog readers are going to have to keep my softball exploits separate, now that I have two teams (the Sliders are my Monday night team). It's actually against the rules for one person to play in both the Sunday and Monday leagues (dumb rule--I can't see why it's a problem) and I was feeling really guilty about this for the last couple of weeks, but I saw a number of people I recognized from the Monday league this afternoon, so I think maybe it's one of those rules that is overlooked. THE TEAM!!! is composed of random people who are friends of mine or friends of friends of mine who've all expressed interest in playing softball on Sunday afternoons. I am the manager of THE TEAM!!! and didn't hold much hope that we'd do well, but was surprised to see that we're actually pretty good. We were winning for most of the game, but ended up losing by two in the last inning or so. All in all, it was quite enjoyable and I would have to say that there's probably little better than playing softball on a spectacular Sunday afternoon.

Now my big worry is figuring out what I'm going to wear tomorrow because I am going to a Princeton Alumni Luncheon, to be held at the Ath at Caltech. It specifies business attire, but if tomorrow is to be as spectacular as today (and it's promised to be so) then I'd like to wear a spring skirt. But I just don't know how "businessy" a spring skirt would be, or if a spring skirt would be fancy enough for the Ath. In the large scheme of the universe I know it matters very little, but it's little stuff like this that stresses me out. I don't have the aptitude for figuring out women's attire for various functions.

In closing, I would just like to shake my head when I receive comments like these on my Flickr photos or Jamaican blog. I just love how some people support Bob Marley so militantly.

- Jenny, 1/13/2008 10:08:00 PM

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