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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Friday the weirdest thing happened. I got to work at 9:30 a.m. and talked with another chaplain until like 9:50 and then decided to get some breakfast from the cafeteria before they closed. So then I got into the elevator and went down to the lobby and, literally, the second the door opened and I stepped one foot onto the floor, the entire power went out in the hospital. Everything went dark. I'm glad that I wasn't stuck in the elevator when that happened. Furthermore, I'm glad I wasn't in surgery when that happened. I have never, ever seen that happen before. It was so weird and an audible "woah" was uttered from all. About 30 seconds later the emergency generator went on and about ten minutes later power was restored to the entire hospital. It was just so bizarre.

Then, not once, but twice, two different times on Friday I was walking outside of the hospital and had these intense feelings of remembering/missing Scotland. Friday was kind of a weird day, in general. It was both disappointing, yet redeeming at the same time.

Saturday I did some work on the kids website and then went to the batting cages with Tyler & Chris before going to dinner with Tyler, Chris, Carrie, Joey and my dad.

It's been pretty rainy/miserable weather since late Friday, so...the entire weekend has felt lazy. Usually I like lazy weekends but this weekend I was hoping to go out and get some exercise. I guess it's really good for us to be getting this rain since I hear last year was so dry...but it's making me a little stir crazy.

So today hasn't been a particularly good day. Church was ok, but I wasn't really interested in hearing about the wise men today. Then I came home and did some web design for the mental illness & spirituality website. And then I did nothing for many hours. I started to watch LOST again from the start of season 1 and I took a siesta. And then I worked on a painting for Emily. And then I went to the store to get some items to make dinner because I am sick and tired of us eating out so often. And then I got into an argument with my dad about it and now we're not stupid that it makes me roll my eyes. And then I made dinner and it was good. Simple - a simple baked chicken and salad - but good. And then I finished the painting and watched a very lame romantic comedy on HBO. And now I suppose I should go to bed.

But before I do that, here's a little show-and-tell:

- Some photos from work.
- Here is the revised version of the house that I already painted. You can read my thoughts about it in the caption.
- Here is a painting Emily has commissioned for her mom. A reprise of this picture.

Let's all be thankful that I go in to work tomorrow and hope that I'll get to play softball tomorrow night.

- Jenny, 1/06/2008 11:11:00 PM

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