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Monday, December 10, 2007

Who is disappointed that they bought a whole new pack of clementines two days ago and they have ALL already molded? Me. That's who.

Tonight we went and saw Carrie play trombone in a winter concert. It was really very nice. Beautiful, even. This song, the Eighth Candle was really cool and epic. And you should have seen the xylophone guy on this song - it was like he had 4 hands--awesome. I almost got Carrie to admit to his having four hands, but then she changed her story at the last minute and said he only had two hands, but four mallets.

Also tonight I filled up my car with gas and really, really missed New Jersey because I did not enjoy going out into the cold and waiting for the tank to fill up. It's been chilly here. Playing tennis tomorrow night will be cold, since the low will be in the low 40s! Woah, AccuWeather is forecasting a low of 41, feels like 34 for tomorrow night. That's cold. The nice thing is that there has been a really nice breeze. Today I ate my lunch outside, which was nice, albeit cold because I, for some reason, decided to eat it on this bench in the shade. Eventually I had to move to the sun to stop shaking.

- Jenny, 12/10/2007 10:04:00 PM

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