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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sooooo tired. I only saw 3 patients today, but it has left me exhausted! The majority of the day was spent waiting/helping a family of an elderly patient who died today. Then I also wrote a letter for another patient's family (this time not for a visa, but to request the person's work to excuse their absence) and helped another family get a VCR to watch a movie in their room. Somehow, that consisted of being a full-day's work.

My original thought this morning was after I returned home from work today I'd work on a painting that I need to get done (desperately!), but instead I decided that I'd lie down and finish The Prestige instead. I wrote a review on Goodreads, but I mention some spoilery stuff (kinda), so unless you want to be spoiled, know that I think the book was good.

Every day I eat another chocolate out of my advent calendar and, with each day, I think with alarm, "Hey, I should start thinking about what I: a.) need to buy as far as Christmas gifts and, b.) what I should put on my list." Truth be told, I really don't want anything this year because I simply have too much stuff right now. Except for, there is this tennis racquet I want that I think my dad will get me because it's the only thing I've specified. Otherwise, I still have a room full of Burbank-meets-Princeton stuff, which is stress in and of itself because I like to keep things clean and orderly...a little difficult right now with space issues.

Maybe I can start thinking more about this stuff after Wednesday, since I'll have the rest of the week off...

- Jenny, 12/11/2007 05:18:00 PM

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