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Monday, December 17, 2007

I worked at the hospital today and seemingly only worked with people who were dying. I held the hand of a 91 year-old man who was dying. His family had yet to arrive, so they called me since I was the on-call chaplain at the time. I guess most people would be weirded out by holding the hand of someone as they are dying but it is no big deal to me, although it kinda smelt like urine in there which was kinda gross (there are way grosser smells in the hospital, comparatively).

I was looking at some of the pamphlets that the spiritual care volunteers hand out to new admits at the hospital. Is it just me, or are we sending a conflicting message? Is the Lord good, or is the Lord great?

I have been getting crazy random emails to my Gmail account lately. I don't think they're spam, just people putting the wrong email address. Here's a smattering:

- There is a dog named Fig who's desperately sick. Liver infection. The first email (of 4) appealed to me (and others) to "send all your best energy to the healthy dog universe." The second email said that Fig appeared to be doing better (although she is very skinny because she hasn't been eating anything), but the third email (from another person entirely) has noted that Fig has taken a turn for the worse and may need to be put down tomorrow. They wanted me to text the person and it was at this point that I figured it'd probably be best for me to email them back letting them know they're getting the wrong person.

- I've also received a Christmas greeting from the Spice Girls. They'd like me to know that they're returning to the US and Canada for a tour and, even if I can't make it to a gig, I can surely buy some items off of their website just in time for Christmas.

- For some reason, this other stranger thought it would be appropriate to send me an illustration of a typical Dublin Nativity scene. Never been to Dublin, but I can't imagine it's really that bleak?

- I got this email from a man in Kansas City who appears to be corresponding with a woman via email, but I suspect it's a new correspondence. Apparently he got an email from some woman and so he's writing her back to let her know a little about him. First off, I can tell you from reading the email that the guy doesn't quite know how to spell or use apostrophes which is important to me...hope it's not very important to this woman. Secondly, he let (me) know that his favorite color is yellow and that he likes ice cream and coconut-smelling shampoo. Good to know. Then he went into a detailed description of his day up to that point, which included noting that he "Let my dog (Falkore) out so he could potty. Drank a tall glass of chocolate milk and ate some left over bacon from yesterday. Noticed that someone had texted my phone sometime in the night." At the end of the email he says, "Tell me about yourself. You have me very interested. I find you to be very special person. Not in the short bus special way. More like the, she might be to good for me kind of special." A day later he wrote, "I didn't mean to say "Hi Sandra" in the email I sent you yesterday. I work with a Lady named Sandra and I think it was just in my head when I was writing you. So sorry. I know your Jenny."

- Jenny, 12/17/2007 05:29:00 PM

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