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Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving was good. I made a pecan pie that I will just go ahead and say was one of the best pecan pies I've ever tasted in my life. And it was seriously easy to make. Put like five different things in a bowl and stir. There is no need to ever go and get a store-bought pecan pie ever again.

I went down to San Diego to my aunt's house and spent the day there with my family to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was really, really good and I enjoyed it immensely, despite getting a migraine headache late in the evening. The big hit of the evening was that Joey brought his new video game down: Rock Band. If you are not aware, Rock Band is a video game akin to Guitar Hero but instead of solely playing the guitar, there's also a drummer, bassist and vocalist option. Or, you can all join together and be a band. Joey has long been talking of this video game and pre-ordered it to ensure he got it last Tuesday. Since then we've been playing it fairly regularly. Joey has assigned me to be vocalist and - unlike every other video game known to man - I am fairly good at playing Rock Band as the vocalist. My first night I sang some songs on the Easy setting and consistently got 95% or higher, including a 100% on Black Sabbath's Paranoid. I like to think that I scored so highly on that song because of fastidiousness to my studies of the Sabbath in seminary.

Reportedly, I have a good voice. Aunt Trisha did the vocals to a few songs and my four year-old cousin Leila told me, "You have a much better voice than Trisha. She makes my ears hurt." Leila also had a gem of a joke when others were telling jokes (like why did the chicken cross the street-type jokes). Her joke goes as follows: What happens when a giraffe goes into the street but they wouldn't allow it into the zoo? Answer: "It was actually a dog." I think it's safe to say she made up that joke right then and there.

- Jenny, 11/23/2007 07:22:00 PM

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