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Monday, November 05, 2007

Let's talk about cold. It has been really cold here at night lately. Yet - I look at the weather forecast and it's only 55F which, really, isn't that cold. However, I maintain that it IS much colder than it seems. a.) In the daytime, it's still 75-80F. So the drop in temperature is about 25 degrees, so that's kind of a lot to drop. b.) The cold is a very, very damp cold. Sometimes it almost feels like it's drizzling. So although Princeton presently is 51F and, certainly, cold, I maintain that Burbank feels just as cold, if not maybe a little colder (because, although it got pretty cold at Princeton, it was a bit drier).

Why does this matter? Well, because the past week it's been so cold that my joints have begun to really ache, especially when I'm outside playing either softball or tennis. In particular, my finger joints and my hip joints just hurt. Both fingers and hips are important to playing both tennis and softball. So, I have to figure out how to make them not hurt as much. I've been told that taking glucosamine helps with joints, so I just bought some of those vitamins (aka horse pills) so as maybe to help it. Anyone else have any recommendations?

My weekend was good. Friday and Saturday I finished up a painting that I was commissioned to do for a friend at church to be able to give to her mother-in-law. The house was really difficult to draw (the photograph I was given was not super) and, early on once I started painting, I thought that the initial paint I laid down was not very good. Truth be told, what prevented me from giving up on the painting was that I didn't want to have to draw the house again. So, I kept a stiff upper lip and was diligent in painting and being sure to capture detail and, I think, the painting came out very nicely. I'm glad I didn't give up. And, my friend loved it, so she's happy, I'm happy.

Saturday I went to a baby shower for Jenn and then later on that evening went to Point Break LIVE! Point Break LIVE! was SO much fun. Basically, they did a "theatrical" version of the movie Point Break, recruiting the Keanu Reeves' character straight out of the audience. I have nothing more to say, other than it was just very funny. If you have a chance to see it, I recommend it.

I'm on-call tonight from midnight until 6 a.m. The normal night chaplain wanted tonight off or something, so I figured I could work this shift, since today is the only day I'm working this week (taking the rest off because I go to Pittsburgh on Wednesday). I'm hoping that they won't page me in, so I hope everyone stays healthy tonight. If they do call me in, no biggie, since I have flexible errands that I have to run tomorrow.

- Jenny, 11/05/2007 10:38:00 PM

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