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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As with other things in my life, I am behind in posting on this blog.

My weekend proved to be busy. Saturday I spent a lot of the day with Joey shopping for various things, including apples and pecans. Joey is charged to make two apple pies for our family's Thanksgiving. I am charged to make one pecan pie. So, we went to the farmer's market (where I paid too much for pecans, but succeeding in supporting a farmer's livelihood, which is good) and then we went to the regular market and then to Target and Best Buy and all sorts of places. Then in the evening we went with some others to see Point Break LIVE. I guess the show was OK, but I was annoyed because the show was half sold-out to G4 because they were there filming it for their Attack of the Show. Consequently, the whole bar/theatre was swarming with Hollywood-types, and I can't stand Hollywood-types. Later on I was really frustrated to find out that the person who was selected from the audience to play Keanu's role was one of the correspondents for Attack of the Show, so I think that's completely lame because that doesn't make it a true choice from the audience, does it? There is only so much good-will I can offer G4 for offering the fine programming of Ninja Warrior and I think this may exceed that good-will.

Anyway, Sunday was really, really busy. I went to church early so that I could be an official greeter that morning (which means that I shook everyone's hand as they were entering), then after church I had to go home to eat a quick lunch before making my way to Pasadena where I met with a woman who wants some website design help in order to start her own baby website. It was a great meeting, actually, and I'll be helping her develop this and at least one other website. So, that's kinda exciting because I look forward to working with her. After that meeting, I went back to church for a Thanksgiving Progressive Dinner with the youth. For those not in the know, a Progressive Dinner is where you eat each course of one meal at differing houses. So we had appetizers at one house, salads and soup at the next house, the main course at a third house and desserts at a fourth house. It was fun, but I felt full and a bit queasy after the salad house.

Since my weekend was so packed, I felt totally tired all day yesterday. I worked at the hospital and I couldn't wait to leave there even before I arrived in the morning. Basically, this means that yesterday felt LONG. Then I got home, went shopping briefly to figure out what I should wear to an upcoming holiday party and in what color (sigh - being a woman for a semi-formal event is so hard) and then went to figure out what to do for housesitting for some friends this week, then went out for dinner, then went to bed at the quite early hour of 9:30 p.m. I thought I was crazy myself. And still felt a bit tired this morning when I woke up at 6:30 a.m. for work at the hospital...again.

Today was a long day at the hospital. Nothing remarkable happened, but it just felt LONG. Thank goodness that I have tomorrow and Thursday off. How do most people work day after day? I simply am not cut out for it.

Christmas CardsFinally in other news, because of Josh's request,I have decided to make prints/cards of my nativity painting. They are 8.5x5.5" flat (4.25x5.5" folded) and will be blank inside and will look like this on the outside (click on picture to see larger image). They will cost $1.25 apiece. Should you, in addition to Josh and myself, be interested in using them as your Christmas cards, let me know.

Tonight I have plans to play tennis with Colander. I hope to remain very zen whilst playing, but likely will not be able to do this longer than two or three games, certainly not the three sets that we traditionally play. Maybe tonight I can win at least three games against him in one set? Maybe???

- Jenny, 11/20/2007 06:24:00 PM

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