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Sunday, October 28, 2007

You didn't ask for this, but here it is, my gift to you.
Here I am, playing video games*:

and another good one:

* It may take a minute or so to load, because it was a large file, but it loaded fairly quickly for me.

So, my weekend. Friday I went to a murder mystery party. I worked at the hospital Friday and had to deal with staying late because of a trauma that came in just before I was leaving, so I had to rush home, figure out my costume (which ended up being very simple), and then prepare some cut apples and caramel dip. When I arrived, I was feeling flustered because I thought I was late and unprepared. Eventually I settled down, got in to character, and ended up correctly guessing the murderer, only by guess alone. Although, truth be told, I just kinda had a weird feeling/suspicion about it. I love murder mystery parties. If you're having one, invite me.

Saturday I went to a brunch at church and then did some graphic design and then drove with Vicky & Bryan down to La Jolla for a part-World Series, part-Halloween party that Marian and her boyfriend Derrick were throwing. When we were driving down there, I can totally see why they closed the 5 freeway by Camp Pendleton - everything was charred right up to the freeway.

Today I went to church, celebrated the Reformation, came home, had lunch, cleaned the kitchen (which included washing about a zillion dishes. Incidentally, I love to listen to podcasts while washing the dishes!), finished a drawing (but was not brave enough to begin a painting), made banana bread, burnt my finger on the rack while taking the bread out of the oven, went to dinner, and now I sit here, blogging. I hope to go out for a walk in about 10 minutes...if I can convince myself that I really, sincerely do want to do such a task. Which I think I do. (I am just feeling full, so it doesn't initially sound like a great idea.)

Tomorrow: work at the hospital, maybe paint if I can summon the courage, softball. If we win tomorrow night's softball game, I believe we will go to the playoffs!

On a wholly-other note, remember how I was saying that I had a crush on Anderson Cooper, but don't know why? I also realized that I have a crush on Dr. Sanjay Gupta because I legitimately think that he's good looking. But maybe, just maybe, I'm attracted to CNN newsmen?

- Jenny, 10/28/2007 07:44:00 PM

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