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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We lost our softball game last night. But! We only had three girls (and consequently only could play 8 on the field, meaning that there were only 2 in the outfield) and we only lost by maybe 5-ish points, so I think we did fairly well, considering. There might still be an outside chance of us going to the playoffs, but we'll see.

Afterwards, a few of us went to Gordon Biersch and had a beer. While we were there Marian, who is Korean, told us that she's going to her office Halloween party as fan death. Since I think most of my readers are not Korean, you all likely do not know what fan death is. Fan death is this belief in South Korea that if you go to bed with a fan blowing at your face, you will die. Apparently a group of South Koreans attempted a mass-suicide in this manner. They did not succeed, of course, as one cannot actually die if a fan is blowing at your face. Marian is Korean and believed this well up into her adulthood, and she has lived in America for most of her life. Quote Marian, "It only sounds ridiculous because it's not true." Indeed, Marian, indeed.

This morning I played tennis with the senior citizens. Here's a note to self: make sure to take a few minutes before serving, because otherwise the seniors will forget that the serve actually ever happened. True story. It was so aggravating. Then, after they ignored the first serve that I made (that was fully in-bounds), they called my second serve, which was clearly in, as out. Mostly I can be fairly whatever about playing tennis and line calls, especially when playing with the seniors, but come on. At least I played well and there was little quarreling this morning.

In about an hour I'll leave to go in to work at the hospital. Yesterday I had some very pleasant visits, including meeting this one woman who was Baha'i who eventually, through a conversation about the Baha'i faith, I discovered that she knew one of my old teachers from Woodbury who was Baha'i. Weird. Then I was talking with this elderly couple--the husband was recovering from a stroke. The wife kept on talking, talking, talking and then the husband stood up from his wheelchair and she got upset with him because he's not quite steady on his feet yet and he said in a gruff voice, "I can't help balls are uncomfortable." That statement was both shocking and hilarious. The things you encounter in the hospital...

- Jenny, 10/30/2007 09:06:00 AM

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