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Monday, October 01, 2007

Today's great news is that we won our softball game tonight. I saw this team play last week in the game before us and I thought to myself, "Hey, we can beat that team." Later on, I told my teammates that very thing and they were all like, "No, Jenny, we can't. We've lost to them before." But I insisted - we can beat this team. And we sweat.

I got an awesome compliment today. So I was going in to this one patient's room, and her daughter was also present. Before I could go in the room, though, I had to suit up by wearing the contact precautions stuff, which is mask, gown and gloves. While I'm doing all of this, I can tell that the daughter is looking at me, trying to figure me out. Once I'm all suited up, I walk in and introduce myself as the chaplain, and she said to me, "Wow, I didn't expect that. I was trying to figure you out...maybe case manager, maybe social worker. But I would have never guessed chaplain. You look much too with-it." That's what I'm saying.

I'm not working tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. I'll start the morning by playing some tennis with the senior citizens (I haven't played for over a month, so I have a feeling I'll be rusty) and then I'll do a little graphic design/job applying and then I plan on hanging out with my friend Tiffany. Sounds like good times.

- Jenny, 10/01/2007 10:56:00 PM

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