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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today has seemed to have gone by quickly, and the thing is that I really haven't done much. The most significant thing I did today was go to a funeral for a man at my church. I maybe had one conversation with this man, maybe two, but I have had many conversations with his son, a pastor at my church in NJ. So I went to go and show my support and was really touched by this funeral, especially as they recounted this man's life. There were two really neat things. One is that this man used to work for Lockheed's Skunk Works for 40 years and they arranged for these four old airplanes to do a fly-by at the funeral. I'm not really one who necessarily cares for fly-byes, but it just was really a very touching gesture to see these planes fly especially for him today. Secondly, this man apparently would sit outside on a lawn chair and wave at people as they walked or drove by on the street. And the amazing thing is that, after this man died, cards and flowers were left at this house saying things like, "To the man whose name I didn't know, but who always greeted me, we will miss you." What a wonderful life.

Not last night, but the night before I had two very bizarre dreams. The first dream was that I was walking down the street at night in my neighborhood and, as I walked past this one driveway, this woman drove her car in to me, almost running me over. Luckily, she was going at a slow speed, so I walked over to her window to see what the deal was, but she stuck a huge knife through the metal of her car door at me. Somehow I was able to wrestle the knife away from her, while using this weird retractible knife that I happened to be carrying. It turned out that she knew this woman Denise, who I knew from my CPE group from the hospital last year, so I took her to Denise's house, also conveniently nearby, and so Denise sat us all down on the couch and we talked about what was going on. Weird #1.

Then, as I was waking up on the same night/day, I had this other dream that I was pregnant, which is weird because I am nowhere close to being pregnant, nor do I have particular desire at this point in my life to be pregnant. But lo and behold, I was pregnant and it was not really that much fun. But the thing is that I was eventually able to velcro-off the pregnant belly. I don't think I ever had the baby. I was just pregnant.

Also, on Monday, Joey, Terrence and I were at the store and we were talking about how much we all love those self-checkout stands at the market. I added that not only was it faster, but it also let me experience the joy of being a cashier, a job that always has looked fun to me, even from childhood. Joey and Terrence thought this was particularly ridiculous and Terrence even said that cashier wasn't even on his top 100 professions he wanted to do when growing up. Am I alone? Does no one else think it might be fun dragging things across the scanner and, from time to time, typing in codes for produce?

Finally, we lost our softball game on Monday night. I forget the score, but I don't think it was close. But it wasn't a blow-out, either. I think if we had been playing better, we could have been more evenly matched with this team.
Tonight I'll work a quick three-ish hour shift at the hospital to cover this chaplain who's sick, and then settle in to my housesitting house, where I will be for the next two weeks. Tomorrow I was going to do nothing (aka, look for jobs), but suddenly have been contacted to do a subbing shift at that alternative school in Northridge. Something different!

- Jenny, 10/10/2007 03:56:00 PM

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