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Monday, October 22, 2007

I substitute taught again today. Sixth grade. Unlike the seventh graders who were mostly good, the sixth graders were mostly bad. And it didn't help that I was totally tired this morning, having stayed out late the night before at Knott's Scary Farm. Here's a little snippet of an encounter I had this morning:
Student: How do you spell 'why'?
Me: Um, you mean w-h-y, as in 'Why are you asking me how to spell "why" - you're in the the sixth grade?!'???
Student: Yep, that's the one.

The last period I helped out with the gym class. Truly, it made me sorry for all of the days I was lackadaisical with my gym teachers. Really, how hard is it to walk across the room lifting your knees high, or to wave your arms in small circles to the count of 10??? If I hadn't been wearing a skirt, I would have considered joining in on the exercises to warm up for softball tonight.

Today I got a call from a friend in Jamaica, which was kind of surprising because I think the last time I talked with him was sometime last year. Floyd was calling because he had heard of the fires in California and was wondering if my house was anywhere near them. [side note: I remember the Jamaicans being very concerned when I told them that the natural disasters where I was from were earthquakes and fires...scary to them, old hat to me] It was a little difficult communicating (Jamaican phone service is fairly poor), but I reassured him that, although I could see smoke in the air and that there are some ashes flying around, that there is no danger close to my house.

My aunt, however, has been evacuated from her home...or, she would have to be, but she's in Hawaii this week (fortunately and not). I have been thinking about how frustrating it must be to be so far away from your home, unable to save what you want from the house (a neighbor went in to to get the computers). And I have just heard that both of my cousins have had to be evacuated, although Danny didn't mention that to me anything of that possibility earlier this afternoon and, looking at the map, it doesn't make sense why they would. I suspect that some extended family of mine in an especially wooded area of San Diego have also probably had to be evacuated. And, according to the really cool interactive Google Map, there is a fire near my other aunt's house in Laguna Beach.

My friend Kristie is the children's director at Malibu Presbyterian Church, the church that totally burned down. She wrote an entry about it on her blog that is well worth reading.

Anyway, that's a little flavor of the news of the moment here in SoCal. While I was looking online at various items, I found these pictures NASA has taken from space of SoCal in the past few days. I think they're neat. If you go to the main site, there's some cool stuff there.

Finally, a big shout-out to Tracey, who was installed as Associate Pastor at The Presbyterian Church in Sewickley, PA yesterday!

- Jenny, 10/22/2007 04:29:00 PM

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