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Saturday, October 13, 2007

I forgot to mention that, when I was substituting, the kids asked me if I was going to sub on Friday. I told them that I couldn't because I had a hospital shift. Then, one of the kids asked me, "Were you suspended because you gave George Clooney's medical information to the press?" In fact, George Clooney is in a hospital in New Jersey.

Friday I worked at the hospital. There are days when I like working in a hospital and there are days when I don't. Friday was one of the days when I didn't, but I suppose it wasn't that bad. I ended up leaving exhausted, however, because the last two hours of my shift I ended up working with a LARGE family whose grandma was going to be terminally extubated.

Nonetheless, I got an email from my actual boss that kinda upset me, surprisingly not because it was rude. I was irritated by the email because it talked of one of the policies of the time-clock system we use. We get 30 minute lunches at the hospital. Apparently one day I clocked in with a 29 minute lunch. And, because of that, I could get disciplined if I do it in the future because, apparently, even if I clock in one minute shy of 30 minutes, the hospital has to pay me for an extra hour of work. Is that or is that not ridiculous? Working with a time-clock is yet another reason why I just want to find a job, because I miss being an exempt employee.

Yesterday, by the way, I was cold all day long. By the end of the night I was wearing two knit sweaters and a pair of sweats and still was cold. Today was also cold, but I wasn't shivering all day long.

Today I have been very domestic. After watching the best show ever on BBC America at the house-sitting house (wish we had BBC America at my house! UK friends - you are very lucky to have such fine shows), I went to my house and cleaned up the kitchen, dining room and part of the living room. I always get about 1/3 into the living room and give up. I need more cleaning stamina!

Then I lounged around for a little bit and then went to the church and worked at the monthly homeless feeding day, which we call the Lord's Kitchen. Normally I really love working at the Lord's Kitchen, but today it sucked because almost everyone was super crabby. Normally the homeless people who come are extremely grateful, especially because we give them a very nice lunch, but today many people were crabby, which just made me crabby. My favorites, though, they were nice.

Then I came home and thought that I'd make a beef stew for dinner. I ended up finding this recipe for an Irish Beef Stew. I thought this had a lot of promise because it involved both red wine and Guinness. In actuality, I'd give it a B...a little boring. The red wine I had - a syrah - was delicious. Since I had time while the stew was simmering, I also made peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, which proved to be very fluffy and delicious.

- Jenny, 10/13/2007 08:47:00 PM

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