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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Who's excited that I don't have work tomorrow? I am!! My guess is that I might be much more satisfied with life if I were independently wealthy because then I could maintain a life of leisure where I could work when I wanted and stay home when I wanted. But then my guess upon my guess is that those who have much are rarely more satisfied with their lives because their lives become that much more complicated. So, I will merely enjoy the luxury of my ambiguity for the present.

People have been shadowing me all day long today. Today at the hospital we had two new CPE residents come in to the Spiritual Care department. Each one followed me around for a portion of today, observing how I do patient visits and how I go about charting and stuff like that so that they know how things go at the hospital. I always feel a little strange when people shadow me in patient visits because who am I to be an exemplar (especially since the hospital won't hire me as full time because I'm not "qualified" enough), but I suppose it's good to see how each person has their own style and philosophy in visiting patients. One of the residents has other experience doing chaplaincy, so she was pretty good at it. The other guy, an older priest, has never done chaplaincy so I can tell that it'll be a huge learning curve for him.

Working in a Catholic hospital is fairly interesting for me, a Protestant. It definitely has helped me to have much more appreciation and respect and has given me a vantage of understanding more about what Catholicism is all about, which I really value. However, it's not without its weird things. Lately I've been reflecting on the fact that sometimes I just think it's really weird to be a priest or a nun, so much that I feel cautionary in ascribing the word "nun" (for instance) to the person...kinda like I'm saying a bad word. Like I feel weird about calling the woman a "nun" to her face. But the thing is that these people have made these amazing commitments that I could not even begin to make and, having met them and see them minister over the past year, I really respect that about them and realize that they probably embrace these words and roles that to me are just kinda weird and, to an extent, foreign. So I suppose I'm the weird one.

Tonight, after I got home from a nice dinner with Kristie (during the midst of which I looked out of the window and saw my dad walk past where we were eating), Carrie shadowed me in the bathroom. I find this kinda funny because when I visited Carrie's parents in Chicago a couple of years ago (sans Carrie - I was there for work at the time), her Mom was showing me around the house and took me in the bathroom with her and closed the door in order to show me a certain picture she was proud of because she (or maybe it was Carrie?) had taken it by herself and had it framed. It was a nice photo, but it didn't hide the fact that it was weird to be in the bathroom with someone, much more my brother's girlfriend's mom, who at the time I had only met once or twice in a totally different state.

Anyway, I had Carrie shadow me in the bathroom because I showed her how to get marinara sauce out of her blouse. She had been working at it all night long and was unsuccessful - I solved the problem in about 1.5 minutes. So, I suppose if I'm never able to find a job (which is totally how it feels!), I should look into being a laundress because I'm fairly successful with removing stains from clothing. Ink or oil, though, I think is fairly impossible to remove, so maybe I can be a Grade 1 Laundress or something and work my way up from there.

Well, I'm at the point where I'm sufficiently sleepy in order to go to bed now. I've got to send some emails and call some people and do some design tomorrow, so I have stuff to do, but it'll be nice to be able to pick and choose and do at my own pace and in my own order. Plus, the heat is calming down and, miraculously, even though it still is about 95F it feels SO much cooler. Thank goodness that 10 degrees does feel like a huge difference.

PS: I was just looking at the forecast for the coming days to see what I can expect. I wonder how people get the job to write the descriptions of what is to come. Obviously with an area such as Southern California in the summer they have to keep themselves interested in the monotony. Observe:

Saturday, 9/15: High 85F. Plenty of sunshine.
Sunday, 9/16: High 87F. Sunny.
Monday, 9/17: High 90F. Brilliant sunshine.
Tuesday, 9/18: High 92F. Abundant sunshine and very warm.
Wednesday, 9/19: High 92F. Sunshine and very warm.

This is after they had put for the week before:

Monday, 9/10: High 85F. Plenty of sunshine.
Tuesday, 9/11: High 82F. Plenty of sunshine.
Wednesday, 9/12: High 83F. Plenty of sun.
Thursday, 9/13: High 81F. Plenty of sunshine.
Friday, 9/14: High 83F. Plenty of sunshine.

- Jenny, 9/05/2007 11:20:00 PM

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