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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today, after work, I went in and got my hair cut. I am so excited that it's cut and really like the new style my haircutter did. My brother says it looks very Mary Tyler Moore. I don't see that. But it apparently is noticeably different because almost everyone I have seen since getting the haircut has noticed (although that's only been Joey, Carrie & Nathaniel). I took a picture of it myself, but I think the picture itself looks very Princess Diana. So I had Carrie take a picture, which came out ok but she thought you all needed a side view to really understand what the haircut looks like. So there you go.

Additionally, I downloaded a lot of photos today to my camera, so I'll upload a little show and tell for you all (although I doubt I'll actually upload my camping photos from Labor Day just yet...too late). Here are all of the random bits:

- Last Saturday we had some torrential rains here in Burbank. I went out for a drive later on that afternoon and took this picture to show how beautiful it gets here right after it rains. The color of the post-rain with sunset becomes almost magical. And this will be very anticlimactic for my Scottish readers, but when I got home, I spotted a vibrant, lovely rainbow right outside of my house!

- When I was down at the courthouse serving jury duty last week I took some pictures of the LA Cathedral. Take a look to see how modern, yet magnificent the facility is! And then click here to see how pretty downtown LA can be around the Disney Concert Hall (where I parked to go to jury service).

- Here's a little something just for Tyler. I saw this baby when I drove by Brand Park in Glendale the other day. Yes, those are keyboard keys...on a car.

- When I went to the Dodger game with Chris and Tyler the other day, we saw this kid acting up without parental supervision.

- Imagine my surprise when I saw this car driving behind me one day.

- Finally, here's one you've all been waiting for: Here's a picture of my new car!
It's not so new anymore now that it has 2000+ miles on it, but I still love it!

- Jenny, 9/26/2007 09:32:00 PM

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