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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Thursday I woke up, lounged around and then went into the courtroom around 10:30. By noon, I was dismissed from the case. The case had to do with possession of cocaine and I think the defense did not appreciate my experience with others who have had drug addictions, nor on my hard and fast stance on the fact that drug offenders need to be punished. So, I was the first person he kicked off. This made me happy because a.) I did not want to do the case and, b.) it allowed me to drive back to Burbank and have lunch with Tyler, who was on vacation this week. As I was driving home, I realized that it was an amazingly beautiful day outside, and I was quite pleased that I decided to drive side streets through Griffith Park. After lunch with Tyler, I dropped off some cookies at Insomniac for my friends as they finished up this game they've been working on. Then I came home and looked at some email for a few seconds before my dad and I left to go watch my dad's friend's daughter play on her high school tennis team. Being outside on a beautiful day was wonderful. It was breezy, it was cool and crisp, but it was sunny...if only life was always like this. Then I had to go to my aunt's house and take care of her dog, since I started housesitting for her that night. So I drove up to her house and cared after the dog, then I had dinner with David and Nathaniel and then I tried to use the internet, but couldn't get my aunt's wifi to work for me because I didn't have her password. So then I decided to make some carrot and fennel soup for lunch the next day, which I did (it ended up being slightly disappointing). And this is why I did not blog on Thursday.

Then Friday I woke up early, got ready for work and then drove in to the hospital. I worked all day at the hospital and it was a mixed bag. It started out really weird with a naked 30 year-old crazy man and then got busy with some nursing referrals and codes called and then it slowed down when I had to help the new priest learn how to chart stuff (again...for the fifth time), and then it all was sorta redeemed when I ended up having a conversation with this one Spanish-speaking patient (I don't speak Spanish, so it wasn't a very deep conversation) and I ended up helping her by being the only one who found her blouse that they lost when they had her undress when she came in to the ER. That made me feel really, really good because everyone else in the hospital (nurses, doctors, social workers) just said, "Sorry, it's lost." Then I went to my aunt's house, took care of the dog, and then came home but had dinner with my dad and uncle and then drove back to my aunt's and went to bed. And that is why I did not blog yesterday.

And today I'm sitting here, lounging in my sweatpants, enjoying the rain. I have to do a little graphic design and then I think I'll try to paint a little later on. It kinda smells in this house, but I'm not quite sure what it is, so I may try to track down that smell, or I may do some laundry. It feels like a lazy day to me. No plans for this night, but I'd kinda like to do something.

- Jenny, 9/22/2007 01:14:00 PM

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