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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some disjointed thoughts:

I've finally uploaded my camping photos when I went camping at McGrath State Beach for Labor Day weekend, a whole month ago. They include two (2!) contraband photos of me taking a nap. I wonder who could have taken those...Carrie...

My interview this past Friday was eh. I think I know it's not the right job at not the right place for me. So I continue to wait.

Do not ever let me try to convince you that I have nothing to wear. Tonight I have spent time picking up most of the clothes off of my floor (there's still a good amount there) and have washed two huge loads, and there are yet at least two to three more loads to do.

If I like my outfit that I wear to church on Sundays and I'm working the following day, usually I repeat exactly what I wore. So tomorrow I'll be wearing a black, knee-length skirt and a long-sleeve, light teal wrap shirt to the hospital. No one will know as long as I iron them, since no one there goes to church with me. Good deal, especially because it makes my early mornings a lot easier because I'm not saddled with an additional pressure to figure out what to wear that day.

Today was beautiful - sunny, breezy, a warm 85F but not too hot, blue skies, etc. I played badminton at the park with my friend Sandy. It was a lot of fun.

Today at church I spoke for about 5 minutes about the plight of clean, available water throughout the world. #1 comment I got from at least 15-20 people afterward: "I just love your haircut! It's so becoming on you." It's a taste of my own medicine, really...I often have trouble concentrating on what people are saying and, instead, am actively observing things about them, such as their haircut or outfit choice, etc.

I'm glad tomorrow is October. I usually like October. Maybe this will be a good October for me.

Yesterday Joey and Carrie made chili and it was really, really good.

Joey and I had an argument this weekend over this new High Efficiency laundry detergent. I bought some and Joey thinks we can't use it because we don't have a front-loading washing machine and, on the bottle it says that it's specifically for front-loading washing machines. I contend that laundry detergent is laundry detergent and, therefore, is probably just as fine to use in a top-loading washing machine. What do you think?

Tonight I finally changed the sheets on my bed. It's only taken me at least two months to get around to doing it. I will probably thank myself in about a half an hour when I go to bed.

- Jenny, 9/30/2007 10:53:00 PM

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