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Thursday, September 13, 2007

So there was no post yesterday (Wednesday) because I went into work at the hospital later than usual (9:30a instead of 8a), which meant that I got off later, at 6p. But on my drive home Emily called and I had a nice, but long conversation with her. Then, once I got off of the phone I thought to myself, "Ah, thank goodness I'm not doing anything tonight." Which was precisely when I remembered that not only was I supposed to go to a church meeting, but that I was late. So I raced over and went to the meeting, which ended up going quite late (10:15-ish) and then I came home and still hadn't eaten dinner, so I made myself a panini (which is just a fancy word for "grilled cheese") and then ended up reading over my email whilst playing a board game with Joey, Carrie & Nathaniel. I think at one point in the game when some people were conspiring against me and I was already losing, I said something like, "Oh let's not help Jenny, since no one wants to see her win." Then I somehow managed to win the game by a significant amount. So that was fun, but I was really kinda too tired to appreciate it.

Speaking of winning, I will note that I am, in general, a competitive person. And I have been told that sometimes it's too much for people, so a few years ago I really worked at toning it down and I think I really did accomplish that. However, I've been noticing lately that I'm starting to get really competitive a lot lately, so I need to work on toning it down again...I think. But the thing is that I really don't care if I'm on a team and we lose. What I really care about is my own performance, and that's when I really get competitive. But I guess that's still not good.

Anyway, so that's why I didn't post yesterday. And today I didn't go into work (which was fabulous - it's days like this when I wonder why, exactly, I want to get a job), but I suppose I've been busy. I'm not exactly sure what I did this morning, other than take a walk...oh, I ran some errands (trying to find shoes, which was frustrating because I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for and I went to four different stores!). Then I met up with some friends from Insomniac for a birthday lunch at a pool hall here in Burbank. Then I came back home and did a (very) little bit of graphic design and then got ready for the rest of the evening - another meeting.

The meeting I attended tonight was with my Committee on Preparation for Ministry at the Presbytery and it was kind of a big deal because tonight I was being finally assessed. It basically means that I'm at the end of my ordination process in the sense that I've done all that is required of me and now they decide whether or not I'm suitable to apply for ordained jobs within the PCUSA. I was anxious about this meeting a.) because I really believe my life is a mess right now and I'm not sure where or if ordination fits with me, and b.) I was anxious because they can ask me whatever theological questions they want and I am feeling kinda rusty with that since I haven't necessarily been keeping up with my Reformed theology since returning home. Additionally, both of my liaisons who have overseen my progress these past three years weren't able to be there. Fortunately, Emily's mom stepped in and supported me tonight. And the good news is that I passed and am officially fit to look for an ordained position, if I so choose. But the even better news is that I was really honest with the committee and left feeling really supported and encouraged.

This week, in particular, has felt a bit like an emotional roller-coaster. Even now, I'm feeling a little bit...weepy, actually, but yet the meeting tonight was good and on Tuesday I heard from this one place where I really want to work at why they haven't called me, and there is a reason behind it that is explainable and understandable and leaves me with a renewed hope for that job. So there's definitely good news, but I think right now in particular I'm weary of waiting and my whole life right now feels like I'm waiting in multiple aspects and I'd just like something - anything - to progress.

And that's basically everything that's going on with me. Tomorrow I don't work, although I have a lot of work I can work on (including continuing to apply for jobs) and then in the evening I get to go to the Dodger game with Chris and Tyler. I believe we get a free Tommy Lasorda bobblehead doll, which will look great next to my Cesar Izturis bobblehead doll.

- Jenny, 9/13/2007 09:34:00 PM

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